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Coming soon to stores near you: HYDE® Introduces 3 Specialty Snap-off Knives

Rugged 25mm utility knife. Here’s a professional-quality retractable utility knife that handles well and cuts easily through carpets, linoleum, drywall and much more. This rugged knife uses 25mm snap-off blades (7 points per blade), and has a powerful screw lock that withstands up to 110 pounds of holding force. The sturdy rubber grip and reliable locking system make this a safe and powerful choice for even the toughest jobs. This utility knife also features a heavy–gauge, anodized steel blade holder for durability, a strap hole for easy carrying or storing and a spare blade holder within the handle. Ask for HYDE® item 42051.

Plus a heavy-duty, 18mm knife. Many of these same features apply to Hyde’s new 18mm snap-off knife, whose heavy-duty screw lock withstands 44 pounds of force – sufficient for a wide range of demanding cutting jobs. The 18mm snap-off blades have 8 points per blade for a lengthy duration of continuous cutting from a single blade. This is HYDE® item 42050.

And a 9mm detail knife. HYDE® item 42046 is a slim 9mm utility knife specifically designed for detail work. It has a 30° cutting angle, a thin sharp 9mm blade for precision cutting and a blade breaker for safely refreshing the blade. An autolock withstands up to 17 pounts of force, and each blade has 8 sharp points.

As with all HYDE® utility knives, Hyde Tools also offers replacement blades.

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