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Drywall Calculator

  1. Total Room Wall Lengths
    Include closets.


  2. What is the height of the wall?
    Measure the height room.


  3. Ceiling Dimensions
    Include only if you are drywalling ceiling


  4. Mistake percentage
    Allows of minor mistakes or issues. Suggest 15%.


  5. What size drywall board will you be using?
    4' X 8' is the most used. Also available in 4' X 10' and 4 X 12'

    X sq. feet

Please Note: We suggest always using 1 5/8 screws.

They hold better than nails.

  • Assume you will use 325 screws per 500 ft of drywall.
  • Most drywall screws are sold by the pound.
  • Assume 150 screws per pound
  • Most fastener boxes are sold in 1 or 5 pound increments
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Pounds of Fasteners you will need: