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Hyde Building

Hyde Tools: The Pro’s Pro for Paint, Drywall, & Wall Repair

When modern drywall was introduced in 1936, it was Hyde the industry called on to design what became the drywall joint knife that we all still use today. For decades before and after that call, it was Hyde that supplied the tools of choice for professional painters, drywall pros, wallpaper hangers, and other tradesmen.

Founded as a cutlery manufacturer by Isaac P. Hyde in 1875, Hyde Manufacturing Company first used its superior blade-making skills to make rugged knives and blades for pros working in the tire, textile, and other industries. Over time, Hyde was called on to adapt its high-quality tools to new industries and applications – from drywall and masonry to wallpaper, surface preparation, and painting. Today, Hyde is the brand of choice for American painters, drywall pros, and remodelers.

Hyde is still in Southbridge, still family-owned, with a division that continues to manufacture the high-quality knives and blades that Hyde was known for in the 19th century. But today the HYDE® brand also stands for innovation, with product lines that include our QuickReach® telescoping spray poles, RVT® airless spray system, and many other patented tools for pros. As for quality, our classic Black & Silver® “guaranteed forever” scrapers, putty knives, multitools, and joint knives continue to be the industry standard-bearers.

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