For a better finish, start with Hyde.

HYDE® Black Hole

It's lurking in the hall closet…and the driveway…and behind the porch stairs. It's your to-do list — and it's got a mind of its own. Just pick up the tool, my friend — and start somewhere.

HYDE® Black Hole

Patching a Hole in Drywall, Husband vs Wife

Job: Drywall repairs

Products in video: HYDE® Wet & Set® and dust-free vac sander

Mark and Theresa from face-off in a drywall duel to patch two holes in their entryway. Contractor Mark uses his go-to  'bullet patch' technique and sanding muscle. Theresa opts for Hyde's Wet & Set and dust-free sander. Check out who finishes first.

Patching a hole in drywall, husband verses wife

Quality Spoof - Don't Try This at Home!

The job: Quality control at Hyde Tools

The tool: You don't want to know.

OUCH! See, here's what happens when you give your maintenance supervisor the key to the quality assurance lab. This video won the Hyde Tools Employee Creative Video Award. Created and directed by Timothy O'Shea. Debut performance by Timothy O'Shea. Anything blame-worthy by Timothy O'Shea.

Quality Spoof - Don't try this at home!

HYDE 14-in-1: Great Tool, Lousy Toothbrush

The job: Prepping and fixing stuff

Products in video: The HYDE® 14-in-1

Who needs to carry around 14 tools when the HYDE® 14-in-1 does everything?! Okay, maybe not everything. It won't shave your legs, for example. But it does (almost) everything else! Check out this all-purpose tool for home or worksite. 

14-in-1 Multi-tool -- great junk drawer tool, lousy toothbrush