For a better finish, start with Hyde.

What the heck is that?

Like to sand stuff but hate the dust? There's a fix for that. Watch the video and Colin will explain. (For more dust-free sanders, go to and type in "dust-free.")

What the heck is that?

How to Use a Pole Sander

Job: Sanding walls or other large surfaces

Products in video: HYDE® 48" aluminum pole sander

See the value of a well-made pole sander for sanding walls, ceilings or other large surfaces. This one doesn't "flip" while you work and has and makes it easy to change abrasives.

How to use a pole sander

Sand Drywall with NO DUST!

Job: Sand drywall with NO DUST!

Products in video: HYDE® Dust-free Drywall Sander

Sanding drywall is one of the dirtiest jobs you can do at home, because the dust is so invasive and can do harm to furniture and electronics. This video demonstrates an inexpensive, effective solution using the  HYDE® Dust-free Drywall Sander. Available on 

Dust-free Drywall Sanding

Job: Drywall repairs

Products in video: HYDE® Dust-free vac sander

Got a nasty mess from sanding drywall repairs? Watch Mark and Theresa from trap dust right at the source with a HYDE® drywall sanding kit.

Dust-free Drywall Sanding