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Apply New Caulk Without a Mess

Job: Re-caulk tub, sink or window

Products in video: HYDE® Caulk-Rite™ PRO

This video demonstrates how to apply and spread caulk quickly and easily to bathtub, tile, window or other home project without a mess. Available on

Apply caulk without mess

How to Remove Tile with a HYDE Offset Scraper

Job: Removing tile

Products in video: HYDE® 12" hammer scraper with offset blade

A Hyde Tools pro demonstrates tile removal using a heavy duty hammer scraper.

How to remove tile with HYDE Offset Scraper

HYDE Caulk-Away In-Use Close-up

Job: Tub and tile caulk replacement

Products in video: HYDE® Caulk-Away tool

Close-up demonstration of the Hyde Caulk-Away tool for removing old caulk when refreshing bathroom or kitchen tile surface.

Hyde Caulk-Away in use close up

Remove Grout Fast

The Job: Make tile look like new

Products in video: Hyde® Regrout™ Tool

Don't rip it out, regrout! Replacing grungy old grout can refresh a room in no time, saving the time and cost of tile replacement. Removes up to 1" of grout per second from counters, shower tile, vanities, tubs and more.

Remove Grout Fast with the HYDE® Regrout™ Tool

How to Regrout

The Job: Regrout tile

Products in video: Hyde® Regrout™ Tool

This instructional video explains how to properly use the Hyde® Regrout™ Tool to remove old grout without damaging tiles. It also demonstrates how to apply new grout. 

How to Regrout