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Bathroom caulk replacement

How to seal a backsplash around a bathroom sink so water does not leak through.

Bathroom caulk replacement

Remove & replace moldy caulk in your tub or shower

Bathtub looking grungy? Here's a fast way to remove and replace moldy caulk in a bathroom shower, tub or sink. Important tip: Use this Caulk Aid tool from Hyde. It's under $5 and available online:

Remove & replace moldy caulk in your tub or shower

How to replace caulk fast

Got bad caulk? Don't get your hands dirty. Go to and see some of our latest tools for removing and replacing old caulk around tubs or sinks. We recommend item #43660, our new Caulk Aid, which take off the old and puts on the new with a single tool. You're welcome!

How to replace caulk fast

Apply New Caulk Without a Mess

Job: Re-caulk tub, sink or window

Products in video: HYDE® Caulk-Rite™ PRO

This video demonstrates how to apply and spread caulk quickly and easily to bathtub, tile, window or other home project without a mess. Available on

Apply caulk without mess

HYDE® Caulk-Away In-Use Close-up

Job: Tub and tile caulk replacement

Products in video: HYDE® Caulk-Away™ tool

Close-up demonstration of the Hyde Caulk-Away tool for removing old caulk when refreshing bathroom or kitchen tile surface.

HYDE® Caulk-Away™ in use close up