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Clean your patio with the HYDE® PivotJet® Pro

Job: Cleaning your patio

Products in video: HYDE® PivotJet® Pro

For all kinds of cleaning projects around the house, you can pick up the HYDE® PivotJet® Pro to get it done. It has a built in soap reservoir and a pivoting nozzle that makes any cleaning project easy.

Check out this great video by Jacy from FIX IT Home Improvement 

Hose End Washing Nozzle and Watering Wand

Highest Quality, Most Durable Wire Brushes

Job: Scraping paint with a wire brush

Products in video: HYDE® MAXXGRIP PRO® wire brushes

See how much easier it is to get paint off an old shutter or other hard-to-scrape surface using a wire brush instead of a scraper.

Uses for MaxxGrip Pro Wire Brushes

Easiest Way to Repair Walls

Job: Patching holes in walls with Wet & Set®

Products in video: HYDE® Wet & Set® repair patch

Watch a Hyde Tools pro repair holes simply and easily by wetting this repair patch and spreading it on the wall. Perfect for fixing holes and cracks in drywall, plaster, stucco, and even wood. Seeing is believing.

Easiest way to repair walls

How to Use a Pole Sander

Job: Sanding walls or other large surfaces

Products in video: HYDE® 48" aluminum pole sander

See the value of a well-made pole sander for sanding walls, ceilings or other large surfaces. This one doesn't "flip" while you work and has and makes it easy to change abrasives.

How to use a pole sander

How to Mix Drywall Mud Faster

Job: Mixing drywall mud to the right consistency

Products in video: HYDE® Mudslinger® 5-gallon power mixer

This video demonstrates the use of a metal mixer powered by your drill to get the right consistency for your drywall mud, plaster, driveway sealer or other substances before applying them.

How to Mix Drywall Mud Faster