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How Pro Painters Load Their Rollers

Job: Loading your roller for painting

Products in video: “Fat Boy” roller by A. Richard, a Hyde Group company

If you don't know what it means to set your roller in paint and "let it cook" then you're probably not rolling paint like a pro. Watch Mark Keegan prepare his roller for painting.

How professional painters load their rollers

Breaking in a New Paintbrush

Job: Breaking in a new paintbrush

Products in video: “Fat Boy” paint brush by A. Richard, a Hyde Group company

Mark Keegan of KeeganWorks shows how to break in a new paintbrush to create a more effective tool, get a better finish and prolong the life of the brush.

Breaking in a new paintbrush

Prep Your Brush Before Painting

Job: Painting clean edges next to a ceiling

Products in video: “Fat Boy” brush by A Richard, a Hyde Group company

Paint pro Mark Keegan shows how to break in your paintbrush before its first use to get the best result and extend the life of the brush. Great tips!

Prepping your brush before painting

An Easier, Neater Way to Paint

Job: Painting trim and walls

Products in video: HYDE® Pour & Roll™

For spill-free pouring: This 2-tool set has a pour spout that attaches to gallon paint cans, avoiding drips and spills. Or use the plastic grid to paint right from the can with a paint brush or 4" roller.

An Easier, Neater Way to Paint

Faster, Better Way to Mix Paint

Job: Mixing paint for a better finish

Products in video: HYDE® paint mixers

Mix paint faster and easier with these HYDE paint mixers that attach to your electric drill. Pre-mixing  improves the finish, goving the painted surface a more uniform, professional appearance.

Faster, best way to mix paint