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Watering, filling, cleaning high and low - The HYDE® Pivot Jet™ makes it easier

The job: Outdoor cleaning

Products in video: The HYDE® PivotJet® Pro and your own garden hose

Here’s how you can clean your car, deck, walkways, gutters and windows in a single day. No bending, stooping, kneeling or climbing ladders required. Just get out your garden hose.

Watering, filling, cleaning high and low - The HYDE® PivotJet™ makes it easier

Remove Grout Fast

The Job:Make tile look like new

Products in video: Hyde® Regrout™ Tool

Don't rip it out, regrout! Replacing grungy old grout can refresh a room in no time, saving the time and cost of tile replacement. Removes up to 1" of grout per second from counters, shower tile, vanities, tubs and more.

Remove Grout Fast with the HYDE® Regrout™ Tool

How to Regrout

The Job: Regrout tile

Products in video: Hyde® Regrout™ Tool

This instructional video explains how to properly use the Hyde® Regrout™ Tool to remove old grout without damaging tiles. It also demonstrates how to apply new grout. 

How to Regrout