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How To Videos

How to Use a Pole Sander

Job: Sanding walls or other large surfaces

Products in video: HYDE® 48" aluminum pole sander

See the value of a well-made pole sander for sanding walls, ceilings or other large surfaces. This one doesn't "flip" while you work and has and makes it easy to change abrasives.

How to use a pole sander

How to Mix Drywall Mud Faster

Job: Mixing drywall mud to the right consistency

Products in video: HYDE® Mudslinger® 5-gallon power mixer

This video demonstrates the use of a metal mixer powered by your drill to get the right consistency for your drywall mud, plaster, driveway sealer or other substances before applying them.

How to Mix Drywall Mud Faster

How to Fix a Hole in the Wall

Job: Fixing a hole in walls, wood or ceilings

Products in video: HYDE® self-adhesive wall patches with aluminum backing

A Hyde Tools pro demonstrates how to patch walls, ceilings and hollow core doors with a self-adhesive fiberglass mesh that eliminates the need for preplastering. Great for large holes, cracks and corners.

How to fix a hole in the wall

Top Tool for Home Repairs – 10-in-1 Multi-tool

Job: Fixing, scraping, prepping

Products in video: HYDE® 10-in-1 Tool

A Hyde Tools pro demonstrates one of Hyde's most popular do-everything tools. This has 10 uses that keep you from having to lug a toolbox wherever you go. Great for small repairs around a home or job site.

Top tool for home repair jobs - 10-in-1 Multi Tool

Sand Drywall with NO DUST!

Job: Sand drywall with NO DUST!

Products in video: HYDE® Dust-free Drywall Sander

Sanding drywall is one of the dirtiest jobs you can do at home, because the dust is so invasive and can do harm to furniture and electronics. This video demonstrates an inexpensive, effective solution using the  HYDE® Dust-free Drywall Sander. Available on 

Sand drywall without dust