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How To Videos

Apply New Caulk Without a Mess

Job: Re-caulk tub, sink or window

Products in video: HYDE® Caulk-Rite™ PRO

This video demonstrates how to apply and spread caulk quickly and easily to bathtub, tile, window or other home project without a mess. Available on

Apply caulk without mess

Get Stubborn Paint Off Glass

Job: Scraping paint off glass

Products in video: HYDE® Delta glass scraper

Get stubborn paint off of glass with the HYDE® Delta glass scraper. Comes with five blades. Watch the demo.

Glass Scraper

Contour Scraper with Changeable Blades

Job: Scraping molding or other contours

Products in video: HYDE® Contour Scraper

A Hyde Tools pro demonstrates a great tool for scraping contoured areas and tight channels on moldings or other surfaces This scraper comes with six quick-change blades featuring 12 different edge shapes and sizes. Whether concave or convex, there's a contoured edge for anything you can imagine. Available on

Contour Scraper with Changable Blades

How to Tape Drywall Joints

Job: Feathering drywall joints with a taping knife

Products in video: HYDE® blue steel taping knife

A Hyde Tools pro demonstrates how to feather the edges when taping a drywall joint to create a smoother, more professional final finish.

How to tape drywall joints

How to Repair a Large Hole in Drywall

Job: Repairing a large hole in drywall

Products in video: HYDE® Bear Claw™ drywall repair clips

Learn how to fix a large hole in drywall without having to nail your replacement piece into studs. Fast, easy method for patching large holes or cut-outs from plumbing repair. Available on

How to repair large hole in drywall