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5-Way Smoothing Tool

Job: Drywall mudding and repair

Products in video: HYDE® 5-Way Smoothing Tool

Taping seams and repairing holes in drywall usually take different tools, depending on the size of the repair or the stage of covering a seam. This video does it all with the one smoothing tool with multiple edges. Available on

5-Way Smoothing Tool

A Better Way to Power Wash

Job: Pressure washing

Products in video: HYDE® Pivot Nozzle Wand with pivoting tip

Watch a side-by-side comparison of pressure washing in with and without he HYDE® Pivot Nozzle Wand attached to your pressure washer. Guess which one gets wet, works hard and is forced bend, stoop, stretch and climb ladders throughout the day? Also check it out at

A better way to power wash

Amazing RVT Demonstration by a Pro

Job: Fast-Production Spray Painting – Amazing Demo by a Pro

Products in video: HYDE® RVT® Airless Spray System

Watch this paint pro in Stowe, VT power through a tough painting job crazy fast and all alone. In 1-1/2 hours, he tackles what used to take several guys 2 to 3 days to finish.

Pro Testimonial - Why use HYDE RVT painting system

Paint Faster with HYDE RVT Spray System

Job: Best Spray Paint System Ever

Products in video: HYDE® RVT® Airless Spray System

Learn how to paint faster and make more money on every job with the HYDE® RVT® spray system, which includes a top-of-the-line QuickReach® telescoping spray pole. Switch between spray gun and spray pole without powering down. Available at Sherwin Williams and

Paint faster with HYDE RVT paint system

How to Tape a Drywall Joint – Part 1

Job: Taping a drywall joint – part 1

Products in video: HYDE® 4" Pro Project™ joint knife and stainless steel mud plan

Learn how to tape a drywall joint like a pro in a few easy steps with tips from a Hyde Tools pro.

How To Tape a Drywall Joint - Part 1