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Dan on the Job: HYDE® PivotPro™ for Boat & Auto and Outdoor Cleaning

PivotPro™ Water Wand / Boat & Auto

Never mind hauling out your supply of sponges, buckets, brushes and degreasers. The PivotPro™ Boat & Auto attaches right to your garden hose and does it all. Add liquid soap to the mixing reservoir, set your soap-to-water ratio, then point, shoot and pivot the nozzle to direct the spray as you wash and rinse your boat, car, truck bed, wheels or undercarriage. A soft, adjustable brush locks in where you need it – or swings out of the way when you don’t. Since the nozzle pivots, you don’t have to bend, reach or stretch to get the job done.

Includes 16 oz. additive dispenser and soft adjustable brush.

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