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Dust-Free Vacuum Scraper

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Transform your paint removal tasks with our innovative Dust-Free Vacuum Scraper. This kit is expertly designed to connect to your wet/dry vacuum, effortlessly collecting paint chips and debris during scraping. Perfect for use with both shop-type and commercial vacuums, it ensures a clean and safe worksite environment.

Key Features:

  • Effective Debris Collection: Directly collects paint chips and debris into your wet/dry vacuum while scraping, keeping your workspace clean and dust-free.
  • Safe Scraping Design: Features a scrape-safe design that keeps your knuckles away from the work surface, enhancing safety during use.
  • Long-Lasting Carbide Blade: Comes with a durable, replaceable 2.5-inch carbide blade, ensuring long-term effectiveness and easy maintenance.
  • Versatile Scraping Options: Equipped with a pull knob for aggressive scraping and a built-in hammer head for resetting loose nails, adding functionality to your toolkit.
  • Kit Components: The kit includes the vacuum scraper, a 6-foot hose, a wet/dry vacuum hose adaptor, and a 2 1/2-inch carbide blade. (Note: Vacuum not included.)


  • Clean and Safe Worksite: By capturing debris and dust, the scraper minimizes cleanup and enhances safety on your worksite.
  • Ergonomic and User-Friendly: The design prioritizes user safety and comfort, making it ideal for prolonged use in various scraping tasks.
  • Adaptable and Efficient: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from home renovations to professional projects.
  • Easy to Use and Maintain: The replaceable blade and straightforward design make maintenance and operation hassle-free.

Your Ideal Paint Removal Tool: The Dust-Free Vacuum Scraper Kit offers a practical, efficient, and safe solution for paint removal. Enhance your scraping projects with this essential kit and enjoy a cleaner, more effective work process!

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