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9-Inch Radial Sander

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Introducing the 9-Inch Radial Sander, a game-changer in the world of sanding. Engineered for professionals, this tool is designed to make sanding large areas not only easier but also more efficient. As one of the lightest radial sanders on the market, it combines innovative design with practical functionality.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight Design: Recognized as the lightest radial sander available, offering ease of use and reduced fatigue during extended periods of sanding.
  • Pivoting Hinge: Features a unique pivoting hinge and round shape, effectively preventing flipping and protecting walls from damage during use.
  • Hook and Loop System: Equipped with a convenient hook and loop system for quick and effortless attachment and changing of abrasive sheets.
  • Acme Threaded Pole Compatibility: Attaches easily to any Acme threaded pole (note: pole not included in this pack), offering extended reach and versatility.


  • Enhanced Sanding Experience: Ideal for sanding large areas with greater ease, reducing the time and effort required for big projects.
  • Damage Prevention: The innovative design minimizes the risk of damaging walls, making it suitable for delicate and precise sanding jobs.
  • Quick and Easy Sheet Changes: The hook and loop system simplifies the process of changing abrasive sheets, allowing for uninterrupted work flow.
  • Versatile Abrasive Compatibility: Accepts any 9" round abrasive material with a hook and loop attachment feature, providing flexibility in your choice of materials.

Hyde 9" Radial Sander: Not just a sander, but a complete solution with a line of net abrasive sanding discs engineered for professional-grade sanding. This radial sander is perfect for those who value efficiency and quality in their sanding tasks.

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