HYDE® Pro-Spotlight

Contractors & Remodelers

A better finish, for every remodel and home improvement job.

HYDE® holds a reputation as a respected brand among contractors and remodelers throughout the world.

At Hyde Tools, quality is a non-negotiable — the same as it has been since 1875. Even at times when cost is king, and the cheapest remodeling tools win space on retail shelves, HYDE® has held to the high standards it has been known for throughout its history. And while other tool manufacturers develop remodeling products ‘guaranteed for never,’ our signature Black & Silver® tools are guaranteed forever — a considerable benefit to any general contractor.

Innovative New Remodeling Products

From our Heavy Duty Molding Puller to our 6-in-1 Black & Silver™ Stainless Steel Hammer Head Multi-Tool, we manufacture a wide variety of high-quality tools that promote “a better finish” on the contracting and remodeling jobs they’re specifically designed for.

Professional Dust-Free Pole Sander

“I noticed the high quality construction and good materials. This thing is professional grade. The hose is heavy duty and the pole is sturdy. The attachment head is also high quality. The thing worked like a charm!”

Amazon reviewer

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HYDE® Heavy Duty Molding Puller

This is a heavy-duty remodeling hand tool that won’t leave collateral damage behind. It works more efficiently than a pry bar and without the damage that pry bars can leave on walls and molding. And because of the Molding Puller’s heavy-duty construction, it excels as a secondary use for removal of tile, carpet, and other types of flooring materials.

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6-in-1 Black & Silver® Stainless Steel Hammer Head Multi-Tool

Nearly everything a remodeler needs in one handy tool. This sturdy multipurpose tool can be used to remove or spread putty and clean paint rollers. It can also open cracks for patching as well as open paint can lids. And lastly, the Hammer Head® end is great for resetting popped nails and screws. Includes: 2 – 1/2” high-carbon steel scraper blade.

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Heavy Duty Professional Caulk Gun, 9"/10 oz

Caulking and remodeling go hand in hand. Use this tool to apply adhesives, caulking compounds, and lubricants. The heavy duty chrome-plated steel frame resists corrosion. This professional caulk gun also features a built-in spout cutter, seal puncture tool, and quick release thumb lever.

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18" Acrylic Knockdown Knife

“Great tool to do the job right. I bought this to remodel a bedroom, and the knock down looked professional. Just the right size and flexibility.”

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