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Quality and craftsmanship for today’s painting pro.

Painters know quality tools when they see them — from the way they feel in their hand, to the ease at which they help tackle a project quickly and effectively.

From our must-have 17-in-1 Painter’s Tool — which will lighten any tool belt — to our guaranteed-forever signature BLACK & SILVER® tools, our high-quality painting tools will be a user’s best friend. Painters know HYDE® products mean time-tested tools designed for longevity.

Innovative New Painting Products

HYDE® offers a wide range of tools to ensure a better finish, no matter the painting job.

17-In-1 Painters Tool

“A must for every tool bag.”

Amazon reviewer

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HYDE® Dual Head Tip Extension

This spray painting tip extension will double any painter’s productivity while also providing better coverage. Two offset tips create a spray fan twice as wide as that of a spray gun, allowing painters to spray twice as fast while also getting superior coverage.

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HYDE® Stir Whip Paint Mixer

“Stirring up paint is so much easier and much more thorough with this tool! No more messy paint stir sticks.”

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MAXXGRIP PRO® Carbide Scraper, 3-Edge Blade

“This tool feels good in the hand and is extremely sharp. Perfect for small areas and areas where good control is needed.”

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HYDE® 9" Radial Sander

Sand large areas with greater ease. This is the lightest radial sander on the market. It has a unique pivoting hinge and round shape that prevents flipping. HYDE® 9” Radial Sander accepts any 9″ round abrasive material that has the hook and loop attachment feature.

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