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Introducing Hyde's Paint Applicators

Perfect your paintwork:
Start with Hyde's new applicator line for a flawless finish every time.

Hyde Tools is thrilled to announce an entirely new line of paint applicators, meticulously crafted to cater to any painting need. We're gearing up for an exciting two-phase launch. 

Our range boasts everything from paint brushes and rollers to detailed accessories, designed to deliver that exceptional Hyde finish you expect, no matter the budget. With the initial release expected to hit retailers in Q2 2024, we're not only honoring our rich legacy of paint products, but also expanding it. 

And we're not stopping there—our second phase will introduce specialized contractor packs, diverse materials, and a sharp focus on the pros. Whether you're smoothing out walls with our rollers, detailing corners with our mini rollers, or crafting finishes with our brushes, Hyde is equipping you with the right tools to get the perfect finish.

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Woven-Ultra Line

Hyde is excited to announce our latest innovation in paint application—the Woven-Ultra Roller Covers. These premium roller covers are a game-changer for both DIYers and professionals seeking a smooth, lint-free finish. Our Woven-Ultra line is meticulously designed to resist shedding, ensuring that your finished surface is as flawless as your technique. Available in a variety of naps, from 3/8" to 5/8", these roller covers adapt to different textures and paint types, allowing for versatility across projects.

The Woven-Ultra Rollers are not only about superior finish; they're about enduring quality. Packaged conveniently in individual or three-pack options, these rollers are ready to handle anything from a small room touch-up to a full-scale renovation project. Whether you're working with the 3/8" nap for a fine finish on smoother walls or the 5/8" for more absorbent coverage on rougher surfaces, Hyde's commitment to excellence is evident in each fiber. Get ready to roll with the best: Hyde's Woven-Ultra Roller Covers are here to take your painting projects to the next level of professionalism.

E-Volution Line

Next up, join the e-volution of painting with our new line of E-Volution Roller Covers, the latest innovation for superior finishes on interior paint projects. With a variety of naps ranging from 1/4" to 3/4", these lint-free micro-fiber fabric roller covers are designed to leave a smooth finish on any surface. The design of these rollers ensures a quality  application of paint across walls and ceilings, providing both DIY enthusiasts and professional painters with the tools they need to achieve outstanding results every time.

Our E-Volution Roller Covers, available in standard 9" as well as mini jumbo 4" sizes, are set to revolutionize the painting industry. They're not just rollers; they're a statement of quality and commitment to excellence. Whether you need to cover large areas or tackle detailed work, Hyde has you covered with packs tailored to your project size. The E-Volution line embodies the Hyde standard of durability and performance, ensuring that no matter the task, our rollers will deliver a consistently superior finish that our customers have come to expect. Stay tuned for the e-volution, and get ready to roll out your next project with Hyde's exceptional new line.

Lamb-Pro Line

Rounding out the roller collection, the Hyde Lamb Pro Roller Covers, a high-production line designed for professionals who demand efficiency and durability. These roller covers come in various sizes, including 9" High-Density Polyester covers with naps ranging from a sleek 1/4" to a generous 1-1/4", and an expansive 18" cover for those large-scale projects. The versatility of the Lamb Pro line ensures that every job, from the smoothest walls to the most textured surfaces, can be coated with ease and precision, leaving a finish that Hyde Tools is known for.

The Lamb Pro series is set to become the go-to choice for contractors who value both time and quality. Available in single and three-pack options, these covers are designed to hold more paint, reducing the time spent reloading and therefore increasing productivity on the job. Not only do they promise a superb finish, but they are also built to last, meaning fewer replacements and more cost savings in the long run. With Lamb Pro Roller Covers, Hyde once again delivers on its commitment to provide professionals with tools that work as hard as they do.

E-Volution Brushes

And last, but certainly not least, the E-Volution Brush. This range of paintbrushes is crafted with our innovative polyester formula, designed to meet the rigorous demands of professional painting. These brushes are uniquely constructed with a blend of two bristle shapes, creating a toolkit essential that is as versatile as it is efficient, perfect for all painting applications. Whether you're dealing with today's fast-drying, low VOC paints, indoor elegance, or outdoor resilience, the E-Volution Series is engineered to deliver exceptional coverage and superior cut-in control, simplifying your paint projects and enhancing your results.

The new firm formulation features purple polyester bristles that are not only ideal for fast-drying paints but also offer dripless painting, holding more paint and releasing it uniformly. This not only saves time but also boosts productivity, ensuring that every stroke is laid down with precision and ease. The polyester SRT bristles are designed to be firm, providing you with unparalleled control and a quality finish that Hyde Tools' customers have come to expect. Say goodbye to the frustration of subpar brushes and welcome the E-Volution Series into your toolkit.

Quick Summary:

Woven-Ultra Rollers: Achieve professional-grade results with shed-resistant, lint-free woven fabric rollers, perfect for a smooth finish on various surfaces.

E-Volution Rollers: Experience a new era of painting with lint-free micro-fiber rollers, designed for a smooth, high-quality finish and available in a variety of naps.

Lamb-Pro Rollers: Maximize productivity without sacrificing quality with high-density polyester roller covers, tailored for high-production environments.

E-Volution Brushes: Elevate your painting with firm, purple polyester brushes engineered for exceptional cut-in control and compatibility with fast-drying, low VOC paints.

Consumers can buy direct right on with more options and quantities launching every day, while retailers can reach out direct to us to find out how they can carry them!

Mason Clemence Portrait

Mason Clemence

Mason Clemence represents the proud fifth generation at the helm of Hyde Tools, a family-owned business renowned for its dedication to quality and innovation in the world of tools and home improvement. Carrying forward a legacy that spans over a century, Mason is deeply committed to enhancing the company's digital presence, ensuring that Hyde Tools not only maintains its esteemed reputation but also adapts to the evolving needs of the modern customer.