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Tough Tools for Tough People

Tough Tools for Tough People

Crafting precision-engineered tools for those who demand durability and performance since 1875

Our Mission

Consistently deliver tools defined by unparalleled quality, usability, and craftsmanship, ensuring exceptional value for our customers with every HYDE® product.

Our Story

Hyde Manufacturing Company emerged in 1875, started by Isaac P. Hyde's vision for exceptional blades. As time progressed, the call for HYDE®'s unparalleled quality echoed across new industries— drywall, masonry, wallpaper, surface refinement, and the intricate art of painting.

In 1936, when modern drywall was birthed, HYDE® was the trusted name sought to engineer the foundational drywall joint knife—a legacy tool that persists in its indispensability. Before and after this landmark moment, HYDE® consistently forged the tools held in the highest esteem by painters, drywall experts, wallpaper professionals, and other specialized craftsmen.

Based in Southbridge, Massachusetts and guided by family ownership, HYDE® maintains a dedicated division that harks back to its 19th-century glory, churning out top-tier knives and blades. Yet, in the modern era, the HYDE® emblem stands for more than legacy—it symbolizes relentless innovation.

In today's dynamic world, HYDE® reigns as the ultimate companion for painters, drywall experts, and remodeling professionals. For those who seek excellence in their craft and understand the importance of laying the right foundation, the choice is clear. For a better finish, start with HYDE®—where precision meets passion at every turn.

Our Values


We’re passionate about our products and our customers. We strive to up-hold our standards for both our customers and partners.

Collaborative Teamwork

We communicate with intent, purpose, and transparency. Every team member feels like they have a voice.

Integrity and Accountability

We’re approachable, accessible, and supportive. An environment where everyone acts with integrity and accountability is a successful one.

Be the Best

We do not fear failure, we use proper judgment, we are creative, and we pride ourselves on getting results. Even when we fail we use it to learn and improve!

Local Presence, Global Impact

We’re active in our communities inside and outside. We work to have an impact in Southbridge, but also do our best to push that impact globally.

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