Doing it the HYDE® way for over 140 years.

Since 1875, HYDE® has been an industry leader in the hand tool business. Today, as a favorite brand for professional contractors and DIY weekend warriors, we are most known for high-quality surface preparation and repair tools that result in a better finish when painting or staining. We are proud to offer more than 1,500 specialized tools for trade professionals, industrial users, and homeowners.

Every year we ship 20 million tools and accessories to 15 countries around the world.

The HYDE® commitment to quality: a non-negotiable since 1875.

Quality, Usability, Craftsmanship, Exceptional Value

HYDE® Tools is part of the Hyde Group, which serves construction, industrial, and consumer markets worldwide and manufactures more than 50 million units of product a year under three respected brands:



A U.S. market leader in paint preparation and drywall hand tools.


Canada’s #1 brand in paint preparation and drywall hand tools.


A leading brand of machine blades and knives for industrial processing and recycling.