HYDE® Tools: The Pro’s Pro for Paint, Drywall, & Wall Repair

When modern drywall was introduced in 1936, it was HYDE® the industry called on to design what became the drywall joint knife that we all still use today. For decades before and after that call, it was HYDE® that supplied the tools of choice for professional painters, drywall pros, wallpaper hangers, and other tradesmen.

Founded as a cutlery manufacturer by Isaac P. Hyde in 1875, Hyde Manufacturing Company first used its superior blade-making skills to make rugged knives and blades for pros working in the tire, textile, and other industries. Over time, HYDE® was called on to adapt its high-quality tools to new industries and applications – from drywall and masonry to wallpaper, surface preparation, and painting. Today, HYDE® is the brand of choice for painters, drywall pros, and remodelers.

HYDE® is still in Southbridge, still family-owned, with a division that continues to manufacture the high-quality knives and blades that HYDE® was known for in the 19th century. But today the HYDE® brand also stands for innovation, with product lines that include our QuickReach® telescoping spray poles, RVT® airless spray system, and many other patented tools for pros. As for quality, our classic Black & Silver® “guaranteed forever” scrapers, putty knives, multitools, and joint knives continue to be the industry standard-bearers.

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